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Information is an important asset in today’s world. Effective usage puts high demands on security. Perimeter protection and protected networks are no longer sufficient. Protection in depth with configurable and pluggable security mechanisms with high assurance and support for collaboration between organizations and individuals is required.

SECOE is the secure software IT-infrastructure for integrating networked and component based applications for today’s and tomorrow’s require­ments on security.

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SECOE provides PKI, identity management, single-sign-on, access control, secure communications, logging and unified systems management in hetero­geneous computer and network environ­ments including Windows and UNIX systems.

SECOE is the international version of the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) GTP.


With SECOE there now exists integrated security products needed to fulfill common requirements on security for all kinds of information and command, control and communications systems.


Security Architecture

Most security solutions lack well designed security architectures. Security is implemented by a set of more or less ad-hoc solutions, firewalls, antivirus software, encryption, configuring operating system security, manual coding of security in applications etc. If an attacker bypasses these types of peri­meter controls without further security, they may easily gain access to sensitive information and resources.

Independent Reference Monitor Architecture

SECOE implements operating system independent security architecture (IRMA – Independent Reference Monitor Architecture) for high assurance, strength and flexibility.


This is well integrated with operating system security mechanisms that can be used in conjunction with SECOE.

SECOE implements a “pluggable” security archi­tecture where each organization can add their authentication tokens, encryption algorithms etc.

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Multiple integrations levels are available to facilitate integration with existing environments. SECOE can provide security without requiring changing of the application software, by integrating directly into the TCP/IP network stack. SECOE can be used to protect COTS (Commercial of-the-shelf) and legacy software as well as modern service oriented applications.

Product Description

SECOE is a unique service oriented and component based security product capable of protecting heterogeneous IT environments for organizations with high security requirements. The Swedish Armed Forces edition has been reviewed and recommended by Swedish military intelligence and security service. SECOE has also been reviewed by independent security specialists with excellent results.

Product Summary

Market perspective

Expected customers are organizations with high security requirements or heterogeneous IT environments such as Military, Government, Health-care, Telecom, Energy Infrastructure, Finance and Insurance.

Product packaging

SECOE consists of more than 70 functional components with well defined interfaces, exchangeable for alternate implementations. The components can be packaged in various configurations for different requirements and use.

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Base provides the fundamental security services. Addition adds more administration, surveillance and management. Collab provides secure collaboration services. Legacy is for legacy systems integration. SDK is for application development.

Branding and Partners

SECOE is a commercial version of the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) General Technical Platform (GTP) product. GTP is developed by Basesoft and Logica in partnership for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Armed Forces. The Logica branding of GTP is named Enterprise Services Framework (ESF).


Basesoft Open Systems AB

The company was founded in 1985. Since 2005 Basesoft, in partnership with Logica, has acquired the product rights to offer commercial versions of the SwAF GTP, SECOE, to its customers.

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