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Information is an important asset in today’s world. Effective usage puts high demands on security. Perimeter protection and protected networks are no longer sufficient. Protection in depth with configurable and pluggable security mechanisms with high assurance and support for collaboration between organizations and individuals is required.

SECOE is the secure software IT-infrastructure for integrating networked and component based applications for today’s and tomorrow’s require­ments on security.

SECOE provides PKI, identity management, single-sign-on, access control, secure communications, logging and unified systems management in hetero­geneous computer and network environ­ments including Windows and UNIX systems.

ComE - Highlights

  • Authorizes users and services (e.g. network or operating systems services, daemons, processes)


ComE Product Components

  • ComE Win - A Windows Local Service Provider (LSP) that "resides" in the Windows TCP/IP stack and encapsulates all network communications, a kind of a network filter that acts as an in-process proxy (firewall, ip filter) for port and network adress mapping, re-direction, authentication, delegation, access control and encryption. To be installed on Windows nodes that will act in a client role accessing some service on any other node in the network.
  • ComE Win Lite - Same as ComE Win but no local authentication required, forwards authentication request to server side.
  • ComE Win Server- The ComE server endpoint for Windows services, a kind of a multi-purpose server proxy, e.g. Windows Terminal Services, Citrix.
  • ComE Unix - A Unix in-process proxy, same as ComE Win but for UNIX. Used when a UNIX nodes act as a client to access any server service in a secured way.
  • ComE Unix Lite - Same as ComE Unix but no local authentication required, forwards authentication requests to server side.
  • ComE Unix Server- A multi-purpose server proxy for any UNIX service, e.g. telnet, sendmail. Can also be configured on a gateway node to encapsulate a legacy server node with legacy services (e.g. telnet, progres db) and still provide the same user experience with SECOE Single-Sign-On, strong authentication etc.
  • ComE Imapd - Imapd (mail server) with integrated ComE Server and Local client. Not needed if you have an existing mail server.
  • ComE Httpd - Httpd (Apache Web server) with integrated ComE Server (module) and Local client. Not needed if you already have an existing Web server, but an integrated ComE module will give better performance.


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